Express International Transportation

One of the main pillars of our business is Express Transport , which is possible thanks to the cast with two drivers who will take the loads all over Europe.
We have a fleet of more than 200 vehicles with a capacity from 500 kg up to 28 tonnes.
We specialize in express transports for example for the following industries: automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food.
Sample transport express:
Germany-England-from 16 hours,
Germany-Spain-from 24 hours,
Poland-Germany-4 hours.

Express Refrigerated Transport

An important link of our business isExpress Refrigerated Transport, and is possible thanks to the cast consisting of two experienced drivers and fleet 20 units of refrigeration . We offer comprehensive logistic service in international refrigerated transport inthe whole of Europe. We are experts in transport and logistics of foodstuffs in conditions of controlled temperature: frozen and other produkts sensitive to temperature differences. Our clients are multinational, small and medium-sized businesses, wishing to enter foreign markets.

National Distribution

We are having wide range of vehicles , (capacity from 500 kg up to 28 tonnes) and thats why. You can look at our service as comprehensive and a tour offer as universal.
We will be bringing the goods from the source to the warehouse (production, factories or other destination), as well as we will collect your goodsfrom the warehouse by providing it to final recipient.
Our service is a full coordination and guarantee of proper document workflow.

Our Fleet

28 tons

Being your partner in the field of transport we offer the unique ability to deliver cargoes uo to 28 tonnes within Germany.
Our company has the appropriate authorization, issued by the Gorlitz Municipal Office. Thanks to the modern Scania road tractors, and the lightweight but sturdy Krone trailers, we are not only able to carry those loads but, most importantly, to lower your costs related to the transportation of such heavy cargoes.
Our forwarding agents will take care, on your behalf and with your business in mind, of the whole transportation process, including the necessary paperwork. This way, you can focus on your business activities with confidence, that your shipments will arrive at their destination on time, without any problems.


If your company does a lot of steel coils transportation, we are ready to provide you with the true comfort of operation, arranging for you the comprehensive transports.
This way you will be able to focus on your core business. 80 special purpose vehicles - road tractors, Mega semitrailers, side-curtain semitrailers - coilmulds, are waiting for your cargo.
Their excellent design makes for their light weight, just 6,700 kilograms. The aforementioned smart design allows for the low fuel consumption, which makes our vehicles very attractive from the economical point of view, and they are safe for the environment, too. The muld semitrailer is 7,236 in length, which makes it possible to load up the coils of 2,100mm in diameter.
The trailer can be loaded up with both steel and wire coils. Additional equipment makes the trailers suitable for the multipurpose use.
Another advantage is the on board crew consisting of two experienced drivers, which enables us to complete the task in the shortest possible time.

1,5 tons

Being your partner we can also take care of your lighter cargoes. For this purpose we put at your disposal our Iveco vehicles. Their cargo space allows transportation of items, commodities and pallets of a total length up to 5.1 meters, width of 2.2 meters and height of 2.2 meters. Load capacity of up to 1.5 tons (10 euro pallets) makes these vehicles ideal for the transportation of various cargoes for customers with versatile needs.
The universal loading capabilities - from the side, with a crane or through the opened roof - make our cars a versatile instrument to provide for your shipping requirements.

500 kg.

Wherever the quick response to the changing economic conditions does count, and the rapid delivery of small but crucial commodities becomes vital, we propose our Citroen Berlingo cars, able to carry one pallet od package.
Their cargo space is 1.2 meters long and 80 centimetres wide, and is ideal for convenient and safe transportation of your cargoes, by means of the express services.

1 ton

Partnership assistance and cooperation in the transportation of the small batches of material and products, needed at your company at any given time. For this purpose we put at your disposal Citroen Jumpers, with their cargo space of 3,2 x 1,8 x 1,8 meters, which makes it possible to easily transport even four euro pallets. The cars’ box construction allows for the extraordinary safe transportation in the perfectly weather-proof conditions.


Posiadamy flotę 20 zestawów chłodniczych. Oferujemy kompleksową obsługę logistyczną w międzynarodowym transporcie chłodniczym na terenie całej Europy. Jesteśmy ekspertami w przewozach i logistyce artykułów nie tylko spożywczych, w warunkach kontrolowanej temperatury: mrożonych oraz innych, wrażliwych na różnice temperatur.

Post-Accident Transportation

We offer full services related to the post-accident transport in Poland and throughout Europe. We have specialized vehicles, enabling transportation of various kinds. Please get in touch with our personnel member experienced in the area of transportation.


Transport License

NIP (tax id number)


ISO 9001

Road Carrier Permit

ISO 14001

Carrier Liability Insurance Policy

Freight Forwarding License

Liability Insurance for Cabotage Services within EU